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A great opportunity to enhance your clinical practice


Here is a great opportunity to enhance your clinical practice. We offer different courses and workshops of different length regarding Manual Therapy. These comprehensive Workshops and courses provides clinical physiotherapists and Students  with intensive learning of the integrated, modified and multiple approach of manual therapy for spine.

The primary aim is to integrate all the useful, updated and modified approaches and concepts to provide a comprehensive management for articular & pain disorder of spine. The syllabus is a bio-psychosocial approach, which incorporates a range of manual therapy concepts including my own 10 years of clinical experiences & the experiences of my colleagues. Of special interest will be clinical practice, emphasizing articular assessment, evaluation, clinical reasoning, differential diagnosis and therefore classification and treatment. Management is based on identification of specific sub-groups amenable to manual therapy. Screening for contra-indications and indications will also be taught as it is important to screen out patients unsuitable for manual therapy.

These programs will be suitable to individuals at all levels of experience including those who are seeking new knowledge and those seeking to expand their knowledge. Whilst the course will be presented at a high level this should not be seen as a barrier to participation for those with little experience in this special area, but i suggest the participant having interest to learn manual therapy will be fruitful. As a result of attending these programs it is anticipated that participants will gain personal satisfaction in a variety of ways that will enhance their individual requirements & overall assessment and treatment skills.


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